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P R E S S   R E L E A S E


BLT Gallery Presents

Wiser Than God


Younger Than Jesus


Expect a ferocious battle of the generations raging across New York’s Bowery . . . As two group exhibitions pitch the very centuries against each other.


At The New Museum a show entitled “Younger Than Jesus” gathers artists born in or after 1976, making them 33 at oldest . . .


“Wiser Than God” presents worldwide working artists born in or before 1926, making them 83 at very youngest . . .


Some are considerably older, many born before the First World War, and several are amongst the most famous artists at work today including Hyman Bloom, Carla Accardi, Jack Youngerman, Ellsworth Kelly, Louise Bougeois, and Lucian Freud, currently the most expensive living artist.


Indeed with a set of artists whose cumulative age might add up to a total of almost 5,000 years, the opening vernissage should hop.


“Wiser Than God” runs from May 27th until July 31st overlapping with the current blockbuster Gagosian Picasso show, featuring work made by that artist between the age of 83 and 92.


The show was conceived by Adrian Dannatt and co-curated with Jan Frank.

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